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This is considered a dynamic warm up exercise and the following sheets are example of dynamic warm ups.

Advanced Pro or College Dynamic Warm Up

Youth pregame or Practice Dynamic Warm up

Ground based Dynamic Warm Up

The following hyperlinks are full videos of the above printable workout sheets .

Ground based Dynamic Warm Up complete video

The following walking dynamic warm up involves theories from Functional Neurology, Applied Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Vision Training and many more.

Dynamic Walking Warm up part one

Dynamic Walking Warm up part two

Dynamic Walking Warm up part three

If you have had injuries or are weak in various joints and want some complete Prehab Workouts click on hyperlinks below.

Ankle Prehab for Sport

Groin Prehab for Sport

Low Back Prehab for Sport

Shin Splint Prehab for Sport

Shoulder Prehab 1 for Sport

Shoulder Prehab 2 for Sport

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