Glute Ham Hyper Incline


-Coaching points

-Keep a big chest

-Body stays straight from head to knees

-Start in a 90 degree angle

-Lower body till the backside of your legs are straight

-When legs are straight the body should create a straight line from head to heels

-Return to the top (90 degree angle) by contracting your hamstrings

-When returning to the top the body from the knees to the head stays in a straight line

-Do not let your butt come back first

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The following is the correct order of Sequencing of Exercises for Sport Performance - Blocks are 2 to 3 Weeks

Block 1

Eccentric Glute Ham

Block 2

Isometric Glute Ham

Block 3

Glute Ham Hyper

Block 4

Glute Ham Hyper Incline

Block 5

Speed Glute Ham Drop

Block 6

Glute Ham OC Advantage Position