Our exercise videos will help you maximize your workout. By learning to do each exercise in the most effective way, your workout will be as productive as possible. This section of the site will also help you to learn new exercises that work different muscle groups.

Browse exercises for Sport and Leg Training.

Muscle groups:

180 Box Jump
2 Way Band Kicks
3 Way Front Lunge
3 Way Ham Press
3 Way Hamstring Touch
3 Way Hamstring Touch Med Ball
3 Way Lunge
4 Way Ankle Kicks
90 90 DNS Band Reach
90 90 Glute Isometric Hold
90 90 Groin Isometric Hold
Ankle Band Work
Anterior Ankle Ball Hit
Anterior Tibialis Band
Assisted Band Half Lunge Pause Jump
Assisted Band Squat Jump Pause
Assisted Nordic Hamstring Curls
Baby Crawling Stage Two
Back Drop Squat
Back Goalie Squat
Back Power Step Up
Back Squat
Back Squat Box Eccentric
Back Squat Cambered Bar
Back Squat Cambered Bar Eccentric
Back Squat Cambered Bar Isometric
Back Squat Eccentric
Back Squat Eccentric Weight Release
Back Squat Isometric
Back Squat Sport Isometrics
Back Squat Weight Releasers
Back Squat With Bands
Back Squat With Chains
Back Squat With Pause
Back Step Up
Balance Single Leg Squat
Balance Single Leg Squat Oscillatory
Ball Band Leg Curls
Ball Bent Knee Glute Lift
Ball Glute Hold
Ball Glute Hold Oscillatory
Ball Glute Lift
Ball Groin Squeeze Oscillatory
Ball Leg Curl Bridge
Ball Leg Curl Drop
Ball Leg Curl Eccentric
Ball Leg Curl OC
Ball Leg Curl OC Advantages
Ball Leg Curl Reactive
Ball Leg Curls
Band Abduction Swing
Band Adduction Prehab
Band Leg Speed Abduction
Band Leg Speed Adduction
Band Pull Through Toes In
Band Pull Throughs
Barbell Lunge
Bench Abduction
Bench Abduction Eccentrics
Bench Abduction Oscillatory
Bench Adduction
Bench Adduction Elbow
Bench Adduction Elbow Bridge
Bench Adduction Oscillatory
Bench Glute Bar Lifts
Bench Glute Lift
Bench Glute Lift Isometric Hold
Bench Single Leg Glute L Lift
Bent Over Face Pull
Body Weight Squats
Box Back Squat
Box Back Squat Bands
Box Back Squat with Chains
Box Drop Lunge
Box Front Squat
Box Front Squat with Bands
Box Front Squat with Chains
Bulgarian Band Squat
Bulgarian Dumbbell Front Squat Oscillatory
Bulgarian Dumbbell Squat Occillatory Reactive
Bulgarian Split
Bulgarian Split Deadlift
Bulgarian Split Squat Isometric Hold
Bwt Occillatory Squat
Cambered Bar Back Squat
Cambered Bar Eccentric Back Squat
Cambered Bar Isometric Back Squat
Contralateral Isometric Extension Band
Contralateral Isometric Flexion Band
Crazy Climber Ladder Drill
Cross Over Run for Height
Cross Over Skip to Backward Open Door Skip
Cross Over Step Up
Cross Over Step Up Band Dumbbells
Cross Over Step Up Bands
Cross Over Step Up Dumbbells
Dead Leg Hurdle Drill
Deadlift Hex Bar
Deadlift Hex Bar Isometric
Deadlift Hex Bar Isometric High Position
Deadlift Hex Bar Oscillatory
Deadlift Hex Bar Oscillatory Reactive
Deadlift Hex Bar Single Leg
Deadlift Hex Bar Single Leg High Position Isometric
Deadlift Hex Bar Single Leg Isometric
Deadlift Hex Bar Single Leg Oscillatory
Deadlift Hex Bar Single Leg Oscillatory Reactive
Deadlift on Box
Deadlift Sumo
Double Leg Bounding
Double Step Up
Double Step Up Band Dumbbell
Double Step Up With Band
Double Tap Icky Shuffle Ladder Drills
Drop Dumbbell Lunge
Drop Rebound Box Jump
Dumbbell Clean and Jerk
Dumbbell Curl To Press
Dumbbell Glute Back Iso Hold
Dumbbell Lunge
Dumbbell RDL
Dumbbell Single Leg Calf Raise with Knee Bend
Dumbbell Single Leg Front Squat Oscillatory
Dumbbell Split Squat OC
Dumbbell Squat
Dumbbell Step Up
Dumbbell Step Up Band
Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlift
Dumbbell Walking Band Half Lunge
Dumbbell Walking Band Half Lunge Jump
Dumbbell Walking Band Half Lunge Pause
Dumbbell Walking Band Lunge
Dumbbell Walking Lunge
Dumbbell Walking Lunge Switch
Dumbbell Walking Lunge with Pause
Dynamic Oscillatory Squats
Eccentric Back Squat
Eccentric Back Squat Box
Eccentric Back Squat Weight Release
Eccentric Glute Ham
Eccentric RDL
Elbow Bench Abduction Bridge
Falling Starts
Forward Lunge with Twist to Backward Lunge With Twist
Front Drop Squat
Front Dumbbell Drop Squat With Pause
Front Dumbbell Incline Step Up
Front Dumbbell Power Step Up
Front Dumbbell Squat
Front Dumbbell Step Up
Front Goalie Squat
Front Lateral Dumbbell Step Up
Front Leg Trail Whip Ladder Drills
Front Lunge
Front Power Step Up
Front Sport Squat Isometric
Front Squat
Front Squat Dumbbell
Front Squat Eccentric
Front Squat Isometric
Front Squat Straight Arm
Front Squat Straight Arm Dumbbell
Front Squat With Bands
Front Squat With Chains
Front Squat With Pause
Front Step Up
Glute Band Cycle Kicks
Glute Band Standing Push Backs
Glute Bar Lifts
Glute Bent Knee Bench Lifts
Glute Ham Bar Single Leg Isometric
Glute Ham Fire Out
Glute Ham Fire Out With Med Ball
Glute Ham Hyper
Glute Ham Hyper Incline
Glute Ham Hyper Incline Band
Glute Ham Hyper With Band
Glute Ham Isometric Hold
Glute Ham OC Advantage Position
Glute Ham OC-A
Glute Isometric Hold
Glute Swings
Goalie Squat
Half Rack Back Squat
Hex Bar Deadlift
Hex Bar Deadlift Oscillatory
Hex Bar Deadlift Oscillatory Reactive
Hex Bar Isometric Deadlift
Hex Bar Isometric High Position Deadlift
Hex Bar Single Leg Deadlift
Hex Bar Single Leg Deadlift 2POC
Hex Bar Single Leg Deadlift 2POC+1
Hex Bar Single Leg Deadlift Oscillatory
Hex Bar Single Leg Deadlift Oscillatory Reactive
Hex Bar Single Leg High Position Isometric Deadlift
Hex Bar Single Leg Isometric Deadlift
High Knee Run To Butt Kick Run
Hindu Squat
Hindu Squat Drop Jump
Hindu Squat Drop Pause Jump
Hindu Squat Oscillatory
Hindu Squat With Pause
Hip Flex Band Pulls
Hip Flex Band Pulls Lateral
Hip Flexor Eccentric Prone
Hip Flexor Isometric Prone
Hip Flexor Isometric Pull
Hip Flexor Med Ball Push
Hip Flexor Med Ball Toss
Hip Flexor Prone Contralateral
Hip Flexor Prone Eccentric Contralateral
Hip Flexor Prone Isometric Contralateral
Hip Flexor Prone OC Contralateral
Hop Scotch Ladder Drill
Hurdle Snake Jumps
In Line RDL
In Line RDL Eccentrics
In Line RDL Isometric
Incline Step Up Toe Raise
Isometric Back Squat
Isometric Ball Groin Squeeze
Isometric Glute Ham
Isometric Hindu Squat Trap Shoulder Bicep Hold
Isometric Hip Flexor Hold
Isometric Jerk Support
Isometric Lunge Hold
Isometric Single Leg Lateral Wall Sit
Isometric Split Jerk Support
Isometric Split Squat and Punch
Isometric Squat Hold
Isometric Squat Trap Shoulder Bicep Hold
Isometric Wall Sits
Isometrics Sport Back Squat
Jump Cuts Ladder Drills
Jumping Jack Line Drill
Kettlebell Curvelinear Clean
Kettlebell Curvelinear Snatch
Kettlebell deadlift
Kettlebell Explosive Lunge
Kettlebell Front Squats
Kettlebell Full Body Attack
Kettlebell Push Press
Kettlebell Reactive Lunge
Kettlebell Rotational Snatch
Kettlebell Squat Jump Shrug
Kettlebell Squat to up Right Row
Kettlebell Squat to up Right Row2
Kettlebell Squats
Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebell Vertical Clean
Kneeling External Rotation
Kneeling Internal Rotation
Lateral Band Lunge
Lateral Band Step Up
Lateral Boxer Shuffle
Lateral Cross Over Run
Lateral Cross Over Run for Distance
Lateral Crossover Lunge
Lateral Hip Flexor Isometric Pull
Lateral Hurdle Power Drill
Lateral In and Out Shuffle Ladder Drill
Lateral Let Goes
Lateral Partner Push Lunge
Lateral Shuffle Ladder Drills
Lateral Single Leg Ball Squat
Lateral Single Leg Bench Hops
Lateral Slide Mechanics
Lateral Under Over The Fence
Lateral W Drill
Lateral Walking Band Lunge
Laying Knee Ups Front
Leg Curl Ball Neck Bridge
Leg Curls Adaptability
Leg Press
Leg Press Calf Raise
Leg Press Drop Pause Throw
Leg Press Single Leg 2POC
Leg Press Single Leg Drop
Leg Press Single Leg Drop Pause
Leg Press Single leg Oscillatory
Leg Press Single Leg Reactive
Let Go Sprint Drill
Line Jumps Front to Back
Line Jumps Single Leg with Running Form
Line Running Quick Feet
Lunge Drop Pause Jump
Lunge OC Hops
Lunge With Twist
Manual Clamshell
Manual Leg Abduction
Manual Leg Adduction
Manual Leg Curl
Marching Slow
Med Ball Glute Back Iso Hold
Messier Back Squats
Messier Front Squats
Metabolic Jumping
Mountain Climber Starts
Nordic Hamstring Curls
Olympic Good Mornings
One Arm Isometric Dumbbell Bench
One Arm Isometric Dumbbell Row
One Arm OC Dumbbell Bench
One Foot in Between Long Small Hurdle
One Foot in Between Small Hurdle
One Foot In Every Hole Agility Ladder
One Hand Deadlift
One Hand Single Leg Deadlift
One Leg Back Extension
One Way Hamstring Touch
Oscillatory Bench Glute Lifts
Oscillatory Single Leg Squat
Over Head Rack Squat
Over Head Squat With Shrug
Overhead Barbell Lunge
Overhead Barbell Step Up
Overhead Barbell Walking Lunge
Overhead Squat
Parachute Sprint
Partner Leg Bends
Partner Squat Isometric Hold
Partner Squat Oscillatory
Piston Squat
Piston Squat Adaptability
Piston Squat On Toes
Piston Squat With Band
Piston Squat With Twist
Power Step up Sand Bags
Quarter Rack Squat
Quick Steps
Rack Deadlift
RDL Dumbbell
RDL Dumbbell Shrug
RDL Eccentric
RDL Isometric
RDL Olympic Style
Reverse Hyper
Reverse Hyper On Glute Ham
Reverse Hyper On Glute Ham With Band
Reverse Hyper Wide Leg
Reverse Hyper Wide Leg With Band
Scissor Shuffle Ladder Drill
Side To Side Line Jumps
Single Leg Back Squat
Single Leg Ball Curl
Single leg Calf Raise with Knee Bend
Single Leg Dumbbell Front Squat
Single Leg Dumbbell Front Squat Oscillatory
Single Leg Dumbbell Front Squat Oscillatory Reactive
Single Leg Dumbbell Front Squat Reactive
Single Leg Dumbbell Hindu Squat Pause
Single Leg Dumbbell RDL
Single Leg Dumbbell Reactive Squat
Single Leg Dumbbell Squat
Single Leg Dumbbell Squat 2POC
Single Leg Dumbbell Squat Reactive with Propulsion
Single Leg Eccentric Leg Press
Single Leg Front Squat
Single Leg Isometric Deadlift
Single Leg Isometric Hold
Single Leg Low Box Band Dumbbell Step Up
Single Leg Press
Single Leg Rack Squats
Single Leg RDL
Single Leg Split Dumbbell Squat
Single Leg Squat 2POC
Single Leg Squat Oscillatory
Single Leg Squat Oscillatory Reactive
Single Leg Squat Pause
Single Leg Squat Reactive
Single Leg Wall Sits
Single Straight Leg Deadlift
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Speed Cycle Jump Lunge
Speed Glute Ham Drops
Speed Skaters With Bands
Speed Switch Lunge With Jump
Split Dumbbell Squat
Split Dumbbell Squat Oscillatory
Split Dumbbell Squat Oscillatory Reactive
Split Dumbbell Squat Pause
Split Dumbbell Squat Reactive
Split Squat Alternating Jump
Split Squat Band
Split Squat Dumbbell 2POC
Split Squat Dumbbell Oscillatory
Split Squat Isometric Hold
Split Squat OC Hops
Split Squat Oscillatory
Split Squat Oscillatory Reactive
Split Squat Reactive
Split Squats
Sport Back Squat
Sport back Squat Drop Rebound
Sport Back Squat Eccentric
Sport Back Squat Pause
Sport Back Squat Reactive
Sprint Starts
Sprinter Stance Starts
Square Drill turn Right
Square Drill TurnLeft
Squat and Press
Squat Drop Jump
Squat Drop Pause Jump
Squat Holds
Squat Isometric Single Leg Under Bar
Squat Jump Sand Bag
Squat Jump Sand Bag AFSM
Squatting External Rotation
Squatting Internal Rotation
Stab Drill
Standing Band Leg Curl
Standing Broad Jump
Standing Glute Isometric
Standing Glute Kicks
Standing Isometric Shoulder Trap Bicep Calf Hold
Star Drill
Step Up Band Glute Kick
Step up with Contralateral One Arm Band Press
Stiff Leg Good Morning
Straddle Hops Ladder Drills
Straight Leg Deadlift
Straight Leg Walking Good Morning
Supine Hamstring Isometric
Supine Isometric Back Glute Hamstring Hold
Switch Lunge Pause Sand Bag
Switch Lunge Sand Bag
T Drill Turn Left
T Drill Turn Right
Three Hurdle Lateral
Three Hurdle Lateral With Acceleration
Three Hurdle Lateral with Pause
Toe Reach Squat
Toe to Mouth Supine
Trail Whip Left Leg Lead Ladder Drills
Trail Whip Right Leg Lead
Triangle Terror
Twisting Lunge
Two Feet In Every Hole Agility Ladder
Two Feet In One Foot Out
Two Feet In Two Feet Out Forward
Two Feet in Two Feet Out Left Side Agility Ladder
Walking Band Half Lunge
Walking Band Half Lunge Pause
Walking Band Half Lunge Pause jump
Walking Band Lunge Jumps
Walking Drop Band Lunge Jump
Walking Drop Lunge Jumps
Walking Dumbbell RDL
Walking Half Drop Lunge Jump
Walking Half Lunge Pause Jump
Walking Lunge
Walking Lunge Jumps
Walking Lunge With Band
Walking Over Head Plate Lunge
Weight Releasers Back Squat
Wide Stance Back Squat
Zercher Good Morning
Zercher Squat