Our exercise videos will help you maximize your workout. By learning to do each exercise in the most effective way, your workout will be as productive as possible. This section of the site will also help you to learn new exercises that work different muscle groups.

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Muscle groups:

90 90 Bentover Internal Band Isometric
90 90 Bentover Internal Band Reactive
90 90 Bentover Internal Rotation Band
90 90 Bentover Internal Rotation Band Eccentric
90 90 DNS Band Reach
AC Band Retraction
Alternating Arnold Press
Alternating Dumbbell Curl To Press
Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Alternating Overhead Lateral Raise
Anterior Ankle Ball Hit
Arm Movement 1st Rib
Arnold Press
Baby Crawling Band Stage 2
Baby Crawling Band Stage 3
Baby Crawling Stage One
Baby Crawling Stage Three
Baby Crawling Stage Two
Ball Int Ext Arm Circles
Ball Interior Exterior Arm Circles
Band Face Pulls
Band Lying External Rotation
Band Lying Internal Rotation
Band Lying Internal Rotation Isometric
Band Lying Internal Rotation Reactive
Band Rear Delt
Band Scap Retract and Row
Band Speed Scap Pulls
Blackburn 1
Blackburn 2
BlackBurn 3
Blackburn 4
Blackburn 5
Blackburn 6
Blackburn 7
Blackburn 8
Blackburn 9
Blackburn Series Complex Hold
Contralateral Overhead Dumbbell Sit Up
Contralateral Overhead Dumbbell Sit Up Eccentric
Contralateral Overhead Dumbbell Sit Up Isometric
Cross Shoulder Extension Band
Cross Shoulder Extension Band OC
Cuban Press
Cuban Press External Rotation Reverse Band
Cuban Press External Rotation Reverse Band OC
Cuban Press Figure 8
Cuban Press Incline
Cuban Press Incline Figure 8
Cuban Press internal Rotation Band
Cuban Press internal Rotation Band OC
Cuban Press Standing Band
Cuban Press Standing Band OC
Curl and Press Seated
DBL Arm Band Ext. Rotation
DBL Arm Int. Speed Windmill
Decline Dumbbell Push Backs
Delt Bent Over Lateral Reactive Drop
Delt Overhead Bent Over Reactive Drops
Dip Shrugs
Dips OC Disadvantage
Double Arm External Speed Windmill
Dumbbell Curl To Press
Dumbbell Hold Prone On Bench
Dumbbell Pullover
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Dumbbell Shoulder Press Oscillatory
Dumbbell Shrugs
Dumbbell Split Squat OC
Dumbbell Two Arm Prone Row Isometric
e Ham Bench Lift Isometric
E3 Grip Face Pulls
Explosive Lying Rows
Extended Reach Roll Lift
Extension Flexion Shoulder Shock
External Rotation Band
External Rotation Band Eccentric
External Rotation laying Drops
External Rotation Lying Band OC
External Rotation Lying OC
External Rotation Prone
External Rotation Standing Band
External Rotation Supine
Extreme Isometric One Arm Shoulder Press
Face Pulls
Face Pulls E3 Grip
Figure 8 Lateral Prone
Figure 8 Lateral Standing
Figure 8 Lateral Supine
Figure 8 Overhead Prone
Figure 8 Overhead Standing
Figure 8 Overhead Supine
Front Deltoid Raise
Front Plate Raise With Twist
Front Plate toss Reactive
Front Raise Drops
Glute Ham Bar Single Leg Isometric
Incline Delt Drop
Incline Delt Raise
Incline Dumbbell Pullover
Infraspinatus Eccentric
Infraspinatus Eccentric 90
Infraspinatus Oscillatory
Interlocked Front Arm Circles
Interlocked Over Head Arm Circles
Internal External Shoulder Shock
Internal Rotation Band
Internal Rotation Band Eccentric
Internal Rotation Band Isometric
Internal Rotation Band Prehab
Internal Rotation Band Reactive
Internal Rotation Laying OC
Internal Rotation Lying Band OC
Internal Rotational Band Reactive
Isometric Jerk Support
Isometric Split Jerk Support
Isometric Split Squat and Punch
Kettlebell Bells Up Press
Kettlebell Chest Press
Kettlebell Clean to push jerk
Kettlebell Overhead Press
Kettlebell Push Jerk
Kettlebell Push Press
Kettlebell Rolling Chest Press
Kettlebell Shoulder Press
Kettlebell Sots Press
Kettlebell Squat to up Right Row
Kettlebell Squat to up Right Row2
Kettlebell Turkish Get Up
Kneeling Over Head Med Ball Slams
Kneeling Reach Roll Lift
L Raise With Scapula Depression
Landmine Rotation
Landmine Rotation Eccentric
Landmine Rotation Isometric
Lateral Deltoid Rebound
Lateral Shoulder Slide
Laying Med Ball Throws
Manual Arm Abduction
Med Ball Glute Back Iso Hold
Med Ball Laying Supine Toss
Modified Side Plank with leg raise
One Arm Isometric Dumbbell Bench
One Arm Isometric Dumbbell Row
One Arm OC Dumbbell Bench
Open Can
Oscillatory Infraspinatus
Over Head Lat Raise Adaptability
Over Head Lateral Raise
Over Head Shrug
Over Head Squat With Shrug
Overhead RDL
Partner Bench Abduction Isometric
Partner Bench Adduction Eccentric
Partner Bench Adduction Isometric
Partner Glute Ham Bench Lift Eccentric
Partner Hip Flexor Prone Eccentric
Partner Hip Flexor Prone Isometric
Partner Single Leg Glute Ham Bench Lift Eccentric
Partner Single Leg Glute Ham Bench Lift Isometric
Pike Bench Push Ups
Piston Squat with Contralateral Shoulder Press
Plate OH Rotation
Pronated Supinated Shoulder Slide
Prone External Rotation laying Drops
Prone External Rotation Lying OC
Prone Overhead Stick Isometric
Prone Overhead Stick Oscillatory
Prone Rings Figure 8
Prone Rope Circles in
Prone Rope Circles Out
Prone Rope Waves
Prone Scap Retraction
Push Up Scapula Shrug
Push Up Scapula Shrug With Bands
RDL with Overhead Press
Reactive Delt Bent Over Lateral Drop
Reactive Delt Overhead Bent Over Drops
Reactive Dips
Reactive Front Plate toss
Rear Deltoid
Reverse Lung with Contralateral Shoulder Press
SA Ext. Speed Windmill
SA Int. Speed Windmill
Scapula Disassociation
Scapula U Pulls
Seated Arm Swing Built Ups
Seated Snatch
Shoulder Band Lateral Protraction
Shoulder Cross Extension Band
Shoulder Cross Extension Band OC
Shoulder Dislocation
Shoulder Lateral Band Retraction
Shoulder Press Oscillatory Seated
Shoulder Press Seated
Shoulder Shrug
Shoulder Shrug Seated
Side Delt Dumbbell Lateral Raises
Side Deltoid Raise
Side Lat Raise Seated
Single Arm Internal Speed Windmill
Split Squat with Contralateral Shoulder Press
Squat and Press
Squat With Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Standing Arm Swing Speed Build Ups
Standing Dumbbell Press
Standing External Rotation
Standing External Wall Raises
Standing Internal Rotation Band
Standing Internal Rotation Band OC
Standing Military Press
Standing Oscillatory Dumbbell Press
Standing Rope Circles
Straight Arm Incline Dumbbell Pullover
Straight Bar Push Backs
Supine External Rotation Lying Band OC
Supine Shrug
Supraspinatus Oscillatory
Swiss ball crunch up
Swiss ball dead bug
Swiss ball I Raise
Swiss ball Prone Shoulder Int. Ext
Swiss ball T Raise
Swiss ball Y Raise
T Raise with Scap Depression
Tea Cup
Thors Hammer
Two Handed Med Ball Push Up
W Raise With Scapula Depression
Wrist Pronation Partner Eccentric
Wrist Pronation Partner Isometric
Wrist Radial Flexion
Wrist Radial Flexion Partner Eccentric
Wrist Radial Flexion Partner Isometric
Wrist Supination Partner Eccentric
Wrist Supination Partner Isometric
Wrist Ulna Flexion
Wrist Ulna Flexion Partner Eccentric
Wrist Ulna Flexion Partner Isometric
Y Raise With Scapula Depression
Yessis Hip Rotation