Our exercise videos will help you maximize your workout. By learning to do each exercise in the most effective way, your workout will be as productive as possible. This section of the site will also help you to learn new exercises that work different muscle groups.

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Muscle groups:

90 90 Bentover Internal Rotation Band
90 90 Bentover Internal Rotation Band Eccentric
90 90 DNS Band Reach
Abductor Stretch
AC Band Retraction
Accelerated Band Squat Jump Pause
Anterior Ankle Ball Hit
Arm Movement 1st Rib
Baby Crawling Stage One
Baby Crawling Stage Two
Back Extension Isometric
Ball Face Up Leg Up Glute
Ball Glute Mobility
Ball Heel Cord Hit
Ball Int Ext Arm Circles
Ball Interior Exterior Arm Circles
Ball Stomach Press
Band Heel Cord anterior
Band Hip Traction
Band I Band Stretch
Band Jaw Open
Band Quad Stretch
Band Scap Retract and Row
Bar Back Twist
Bird Feeder Hip Band Pull
Body Turn Rear Leg Band Twist
Box rear foot Up Mobilization
Bridge Lateral Shin Press
Calf Bar Press
Calf Bone Bar Press
Calf Wall Stretch with Band Pull
Calf wall stretch with bending knee
Contralateral Isometric Flexion Band
Cross Above Band Stretch
DNS Get Up
Double Arm External Speed Windmill
Double Ball Lower Back Leg Turn
Double Side Ball Crush
Dual action leg pull and push Stretch
Dumbbell Split Squat OC
Dumbbell Two Arm Prone Row Isometric
e Ham Bench Lift Isometric
Extended Reach Roll Lift
External Rotation Band Eccentric
Foot Up Hip Flex and Ext Band
Forward Backward Walking Plank
Glute Ham Band Pull
Glute Ham Bar Single Leg Isometric
Glute Ham Hang
Groin Roller
Groin Bar Press
Groin Barbell
Groin Plate and Band Stretch
Ground Figure 4 Lean
Ground Hip Rotational Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Heel Cord Posterior band pull
Hip Band Pull Crossover
Hip Extension Band Pull
Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch
Hip Side Ball Turn
Hip Through and Over Sink Stretch
Hip Through and Over Stretch
Hip Traction with Roller
Interlocked Front Arm Circles
Interlocked Over Head Arm Circles
Internal Rotation Band
Internal Rotation Band Eccentric
Internal Rotation Band Isometric
Internal Rotational Band Reactive
Isometric Chest Hold
Isometric Split
Knee Up Ball Ankle Wiggle
Knee Up Towel Flexion
Kneeling Reach Roll Lift
Lat Stretch
Lateral Ankle Ball Hit
Lateral Shin Ball Press
Lateral Shin Roll
Lateral Shoulder Slide
Laying Foot Grab
Laying Hip Crossover Rotation
Laying Relaxation
Laying Wall Shakes
Leg over Spine Twist
Leg Up Hip Rotation with Lean
Leg Up Wall Crossover Rotation
Legs Up Psoas Ball KB Press
Low Back Smash Lacrosse Ball
Lying T Spine Ball Press
Manual Pike Hangs
Marching Slow
Oblique Side Roller
One Arm Isometric Dumbbell Bench
One Arm Isometric Dumbbell Row
One Arm OC Dumbbell Bench
One Leg Up Hip Pull and Turn
One Leg Up Hip Turn Pull Push
Open Can
Partner Back Walks
Partner Bench Abduction Isometric
Partner Bench Adduction Eccentric
Partner Bench Adduction Isometric
Partner Glute Ham Bench Lift Eccentric
Partner Hip Flexor Prone Eccentric
Partner Hip Flexor Prone Isometric
Partner Leg Walks
Partner Quad Step
Partner Single Leg Glute Ham Bench Lift Eccentric
Partner Single Leg Glute Ham Bench Lift Isometric
Patella Rotation Ball Press
Pike Hangs
Piriformis Head Turn Stretch
Piriformis Knee Pull
Piriformis Shoulder to Knee
Plantar Flexion Mobility
Posterior Chain Band Stretch
Pronated Supinated Shoulder Slide
Prone Hip Flexor Band Pulls
Prone Scap Retraction
Psoas Ball KB Press
Psoas Ball Press Hip Mobility
Pull Up Hang
Pull Up Hang Scissor
Pull Up Hang Twist
Pull Up Manual Circle
Pull Up Manual Hang
Pull Up Manual Twist
Quad Bar Press
Rack Bar Hamstring Push
Rib Ball Overhead Mobility
Roller Calf Partner Press
Roller Calf Press
Seated Ball Leg Extension
Seated Groin Weight Stretch
Seated Internal Rotation Leg Crossover
Shin Ball Press With Foot Wiggle
Shoulder Dislocation
Shoulder Int. Ext. Rotation
Single Leg Lean Band Pull
Single Leg Up Mobility
Single Leg Up Turn and Ext Band
Single Leg Up with Back Leg Band Pull
Spine Rolls
Split Lunge Hip Rotation
Split Squat Band Pull
Split Squat Leg Mobility
Split Stance Backside Stretch Band Pull
Standing External Wall Raises
Standing Iso Psoas
Stomach Med Ball Press
Swissball Hip Opening Stretch
T Spine Ball Press
T Spine Ball Press with OH Bar Ext
T Spine Ball Press with OH Mobility
T Spine Ball Press with Plate
T Spine Bar Roll
T Spine Flexion Extension
T Spine Roller Lateral turn
T Spine Roller OH Mobility
T Spine Roller Press
T Spine Roller Press with OH Bar Hold
T Spine Roller Sideways
T spine rotation
Table Top Leg Out Hip Sink
TKE Band Pull with Roller
Toe Grab Squats
Toe to Mouth Supine
Turning Quad Roller
Upper Foot Ball Press
Walking Abduction Hip Circles
Wall Leg Up Band Pull and Press
Wall Leg Up with Crossover push and pull
Wall Roller Upper Foot
World's Greatest Stretch
Wrap Around Band Wall Hip Tilt
Wrist Pronation
Wrist Pronation Eccentric
Wrist Pronation Isometric
Wrist Pronation Partner Eccentric
Wrist Pronation Partner Isometric
Wrist Pronation Reactive
Wrist Radial Flexion
Wrist Radial Flexion Partner Eccentric
Wrist Radial Flexion Partner Isometric
Wrist Supination
Wrist Supination Eccentric
Wrist Supination Isometric
Wrist Supination Partner Eccentric
Wrist Supination Partner Isometric
Wrist Ulna Flexion
Wrist Ulna Flexion Partner Eccentric
Wrist Ulna Flexion Partner Isometric