Workout Sheets

Workout sheets are custom pages that you can print. They contain information on the best way for you to work out. We build each workout sheet based on your personal maxes. The workout sheet will contain the correct number of reps, and the right weights to use during your workout.

How to read your workout sheets


Baseball Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Baseball In-Season Squat Program
Baseball Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Baseball Off-Season Strength Training
Baseball Power Clean Program
Baseball Power Snatch Program
Baseball Russian Squat Program
Baseball Super Endurance 1
Baseball Super Endurance 2
Baseball Youth Strength Training
Basketball Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Basketball In-Season Squat Program
Basketball Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Basketball Off-Season Strength Training
Basketball Power Clean Program
Basketball Power Snatch Program
Basketball Russian Squat Program
Basketball Super Endurance 1
Basketball Super Endurance 2
Basketball Youth Strength Training
Distance Runners Strength Training Weeks 1-2
Distance Runners Strength Training Weeks 3-4
Distance Runners Strength Training Weeks 5-6
Distance Runners Strength Training Weeks 7-8
Distance Runners Strength Training Weeks 9-10
Distance Runners Strength Training Weeks_11-12
Distance Runners Strength Training Weeks_13-14
Extreme Mass Workout
Football 30-Week Off-Season Training Week 1-4
Football 30-Week Off-Season Training Week 5-9
Football 30-Week Off-Season Training Week10-14
Football 30-Week Off-Season Training Week15-19
Football 30-Week Off-Season Training Week20-24
Football 30-Week Off-Season Training Week25-30
Football Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Football Clean and Jerk Program
Football In-Season Squat Program
Football In-Season Strength Training
Football Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Football Off-Season Strength Training
Football Power Clean Program
Football Power Snatch Program
Football Russian Squat Program
Football Snatch Program
Football Super Endurance 1
Football Super Endurance 2
Football Youth Strength Training
Golf In-Season Squat Program
Golf Off-Season Strength Training
Golf Power Clean Program
Golf Power Snatch Program
Golf Russian Squat Program
Golf Super Endurance 1
Golf Super Endurance 2
Golf Youth Strength Training
Hockey Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Hockey In-Season Squat Program
Hockey In-Season Strength Training
Hockey Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Hockey Off-Season Months 1-3
Hockey Off-Season Strength Training
Hockey Power Clean Program
Hockey Power Snatch Program
Hockey Russian Squat Program
Hockey Super Endurance 1
Hockey Super Endurance 2
Hockey Youth Strength Training
In-Season Training Weeks 1-5
In-Season Training Weeks 6-10
In-Season Training Weeks_11-15
In-Season Training Weeks_16-17
Soccer Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Soccer In-Season Squat Program
Soccer Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Soccer Off-Season Strength Training
Soccer Power Clean Program
Soccer Power Snatch Program
Soccer Russian Squat Program
Soccer Super Endurance 1
Soccer Super Endurance 2
Soccer Youth Strength Training
Sport Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Sport Clean and Jerk Program
Sport In-Season Squat Program
Sport Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Sport Off-Season Strength Training
Sport Power Clean Program
Sport Power Snatch Program
Sport Russian Squat Program
Sport Snatch Program
Sport Super Endurance 1
Sport Super Endurance 2
Sport Upper Body Super Endurance
Sport Youth Strength Training
Swimming Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Swimming In-Season Squat Program
Swimming Off-Season Strength Training
Swimming Power Clean Program
Swimming Power Snatch Program
Swimming Russian Squat Program
Swimming Super Endurance 1
Swimming Super Endurance 2
Swimming Youth Strength Training
Tennis Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Tennis In-Season Squat Program
Tennis Off-Season Strength Training
Tennis Power Clean Program
Tennis Power Snatch Program
Tennis Russian Squat Program
Tennis Super Endurance 1
Tennis Super Endurance 2
Tennis Youth Strength Training
Track Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Track Clean and Jerk Program
Track In-Season Squat Program
Track Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Track Off-Season Strength Training
Track Power Clean Program
Track Power Snatch Program
Track Russian Squat Program
Track Snatch Program
Track Super Endurance 1
Track Super Endurance 2
Track Youth Strength Training
Volleyball Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Volleyball In-Season Squat Program
Volleyball Off-Season Strength Training
Volleyball Power Clean Program
Volleyball Power Snatch Program
Volleyball Russian Squat Program
Volleyball Super Endurance 1
Volleyball Super Endurance 2
Volleyball Youth Strength Training
Weightlifting Clean and Jerk Program
Weightlifting Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Weightlifting Power Clean Program
Weightlifting Power Snatch Program
Weightlifting Russian Squat Program
Weightlifting Snatch Program
Wrestling Advanced Off-Season Strength Training
Wrestling Clean and Jerk Program
Wrestling In-Season Squat Program
Wrestling Mixed Olympic Lift Program
Wrestling Olympic Off-Season Training
Wrestling Power Clean Program
Wrestling Power Snatch Program
Wrestling Russian Squat Program
Wrestling Snatch Program
Wrestling Super Endurance 1
Wrestling Super Endurance 2
Wrestling Work Capacity Training
Wrestling Youth Strength Training