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The Triphasic Tactical Training Manual was written with the explicit intent to deliver a systematic and scientifically founded approach in training methodology for athletes whose preparation does not result in wins and losses, world records, or gold medals. The idea behind the Triphasic Tactical Training Manual was originated from the individual needs of the tactical athlete and all those who put their lives at risk simply by going to work each day.

The authors of this manual have broken down the needs of every tactical athlete into six physical qualities. In order to display the physical proficiency required by the tactical athlete, each of these six qualities must be trained appropriately. What separates this training program from others is that it allows tactical athletes to continue to train with their desired methods while offering guidelines that increase the likelihood of the user to achieve optimal level responses to training and see improvements in performance.

The Weekly Sequencing Model was developed by multiple strength coaches along with an elite level military training professional for operators who based the protocol originally on The Triphasic Training System while also considering the specific needs of the tactical athlete. Programs currently being used for military training are not equipping these specialized tactical athletes appropriately, which leads to a disproportionate training of the six physical qualities necessary for optimal performance.

It was this simple point that led to the creation of The Weekly Sequencing Model. This manual is a collaboration between combat veterans who have said “we can do this better” and the training professionals who said, “we can help.” Experience has teamed up with science to present this complete, systematic training program for the tactical athlete. The Weekly Sequencing model isn’t just exercising; it is training, specifically and systematically for the tactical athlete.

This book is for the tactical athlete and those that dedicate their lives to maintaining high-performance levels to maintain the freedoms of others. In the tactical arena, less than ideal performance can have grave consequences. One step too slow, one moment too long, and the defeated does not receive a silver medal and a warm handshake.

Chapters included in this book:

1. The Tactical Athlete vs. Conventional Athletes

2. The Weekly Sequencing Model Components

3. Six Physical Qualities of Tactical Performance

4. Triphasic Review and Weekly Sequencing Model Implementation

5. Modifying The Weekly Sequencing Model

New Components included in this book:

1. The Six Physical Qualities of Tactical Performance

2. The Weekly Sequencing Model

3. The Specific Stress Model

4. The Compatible Qualities Model

5. High-Quality vs. Work Capacity Energy System Training

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